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Bachata has been very popular in the Netherlands for several years.At Salsa4Fun you have come to the right place to quickly and effectively learn everything you need to quickly go to Bachata parties, and immediately step onto the dance floor with confidence.

There are more and more parties in the Netherlands where you can dance Bachata. Salsa4Fun also regularly organizes the popular Quimica. This is the ultimate bachata party in our location, where bachata dancers from all over the Netherlands come for an evening full of bachata.

Learn from the beginning all the basic techniques, turns and body moves. But of course footwork and styling are also covered. Of course you learn everything in the proven Salsa4Fun method, with lots of fun and laughter. Plus the coolest combinations and challenges.

And you quickly meet new people with the same bachata passion. Dancing is also very good for keeping fit, read our blog about it. And it helps you literally and figuratively move more easily through your daily life.

In short, bachata lesson at Salsa4Fun is a joy to do and you will be on the dance floor all night at every party.

Bachata lesson Amsterdam – by Salsa4Fun.

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Salsa les in de salsa club van salsa4fun

We teach you all the secrets of leading and following well;
We will tell you all about musicality.

The beautiful footwork also gets all the attention, in short … everything to quickly step onto the dance floor with very nice combinations.

Of course, you learn bachata dancing in the beautiful Latin-Club of Salsa4Fun, with our well-known humor and sociability.

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Salsa les Amsterdam bij salsa4fun

sensual & classy

Dance bachata at any party

If you have a passion for dancing, romance and rhythmic music, Bachata may be the dance style for you!

Bachata is an enchanting dance style that has captured the hearts of dance enthusiasts around the world. With its romantic and sensual appeal, Bachata offers a unique dance experience. If you are interested in learning this beautiful dance, Salsa4Fun in Amsterdam is the perfect place to start.

With our professional Bachata classes, you will soon experience the magic of Bachata.

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Bachata lesson in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, we offer Bachata lessons for both beginners and advanced dancers. Our dance school is known for its professional teachers, friendly atmosphere with lots of humor and sociability, and high-quality dance classes. Whether you are an absolute beginner or already experienced, Salsa4Fun has a lesson program to suit your level.

Advantages of a Bachata course

Taking Bachata lessons at Salsa4Fun brings several advantages. First, you learn the correct technique and basic steps from experienced dance teachers, which is necessary to perform this dance style properly. In addition, you will develop body awareness, rhythm sense, and coordination, which will benefit your dancing skills in general.

Classes and levels

Salsa4Fun offers a diverse range of classes for Bachata dancers. There are classes at different levels, from beginners to advanced, so you can learn at your own pace. In addition, workshops and social dance evenings are organized regularly, where you can practice the moves you have learned and meet other dancers.

Bachata Sensual

Bachata Sensual is popular for its romantic and sensual appeal. Dancers enjoy the opportunity to express emotions through body movement and partner connection.

It is a dance style loved by couples, but individual dancers can also fully enjoy the sensual and expressive elements of this dance.

Another aspect that makes Bachata Sensual popular is that it is accessible to beginners. You don’t need experience or special skills to begin learning Bachata Sensual. With proper guidance and practice, you can soon master the basic steps and enjoy this dance.

Bachata is the general term for the Dominican dance style, while Bachata Sensual is a specific variation that focuses on sensual and romantic movements. Bachata Sensual places more emphasis on partner connection and expression.

It is not necessary to have a dance partner to enroll in a Bachata (Sensual) Course. You do need to sign up for the class via the class schedule so that we can monitor the proportions of men and women in the class as much as possible. Thus ensuring the best possible proportions.

Wear comfortable clothes in which you can move easily and dance shoes or shoes with smooth soles suitable for dancing. You can bring another towel if you sweat easily.

Yes, bachata classes are suitable for beginners. There are classes at different levels, including special beginner classes that teach the basics of Bachata. With proper guidance and practice, you can soon master the basic steps, beautiful combinations and much more.

You can always catch up in the same week as the course you are taking, if it is taught in the same week in the class schedule. This is completely free of charge, just always give us notice so we can take into account the dance pairs and class proportions.

The length of the learning process depends on several factors, including your level of experience, your commitment and regularity of classes, and the complexity of the dance moves. However, our instructors will guide you through the learning process and help you reach your goals.

TIP: With any dance form, the very best and fastest way to learn it is to repeat every day the new steps you have learned. 1 or 2 times a day is enough. You don’t need a partner for this, it’s just about the individual steps and techniques.

As a student, you can get a discount for the course by showing your student card.

The amount of the discount varies per course, but is easily between 10% and 25%!
This will be settled in the first lesson on the presentation of your student card.