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Salsa beginners course

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    At Salsa4Fun, you may always consider the first hour as a trial class!

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Salsa beginners course
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Learn salsa dancing fast with lots of fun

Salsa Lesson Amsterdam – You will learn salsa dancing quickly and efficiently in a beautiful salsa venue by our highly experienced salsa teachers.

We will teach you all the steps, turns, techniques quickly, with lots of fun and humor. In addition, you will immediately learn the most beautiful combinations that everyone on the dance floor also does, and much more such as styling and making use of the music.

We are not called Salsa4fun for nothing, so you will have a lot of fun, and afterwards you can have a delicious cocktail. You learn to dance very quickly, and especially technically well with styling and technique so that you can go to all the parties after just 1 course.

Of course, you may consider the first salsa dance class as a trial class as long as you sign up for the course through the class schedule. Your first course at Salsa4Fun costs only €85.

We always have special discounts for students (unless there is already a discount on the course) Ask about it at the first class.

start as low as €90


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Salsa lesson amsterdam in the salsa club of salsa4fun

Salsa4Fun has very cozy locations where you can enjoy a drink before or after class. You can often free-dance on your own after class. try one of the salsa classes at salsa4fun yourself.

The welcoming atmosphere with palm trees and cozy spacious seating areas make the venue a relaxed and cozy environment for a necht night out to learn salsa.

Salsa4Fun salsa lessons Amsterdam
Salsa lesson Amsterdam at salsa4fun


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The teaching method and the (Salsa4)Fun factor where you quickly learn all the salsa steps.
Because of the highly efficient teaching method with lots of personal attention, everyone can join right away, and really succeeds with everyone.
There is a logical lesson structure and a clear and challenging lesson program for each level with cool moves and combinations.

In addition, during salsa class we give the men and the ladies extra attention to apply and improve their own techniques and styling so that you will look good on the dance floor right away.

Salsa4Fun has been the best place in Amsterdam to learn to dance salsa for years!

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There are two main styles within salsa: “LA-style & Cuban

Globally, both of these (styles) are danced nearly 50/50.

Therefore, we think it is important that at a party or vacation you can always dance salsa with everyone!

Therefore, at Salsa4Fun, you will learn in the basic levels techniques you can use for both and we will tell you the differences and similarities.

Starting with the second level, salsa classes are completely LA-style, where we teach one more insanely tough Cuban combination each course, one more class, to make sure you continue to master those techniques as well and can dance with anyone around the world.

Anyone who just wants to dance Cuban can indulge in the insane Rueda classes offered by Salsa4Fun at nine levels. Here we will teach you only Cuban combinations in high tempo, very challenging and with enormous fun. Thus, Cuban salsa Amsterdam is in good hands at Salsa4Fun.

salsa lesson amsterdam
Salsa lesson Amsterdam couple during a party at salsa4fun

Salsa can really be danced anywhere in the world and is super social and fun. It is important, however, that you learn it right the first time so that you can actually dance with everyone. It is super fun and the classes are taught by very experienced teachers with humor and a lot of passion.

You get to know new people quickly, and it’s also proven to be good for your body and health. At Salsa4Fun you’ll be right at home with over 20 years of international experience and lessons in a perfect location in Amsterdam with free parking from 7:00 pm.

A salsa course is usually offered for, as little as €110, for 10 hours of lessons.

However, for the beginners salsa course we currently have a temporary offer of only €90
Courses are 10 weeks of 1 hour, or 5 weeks of 2 hours per week.

There are also offers if you repeat a course or take a combination of several classes.
Consider salsa combined with Rueda or Bachata, for example.

Wear comfortable clothes in which you can move easily and dance shoes or shoes with smooth soles suitable for dancing. You can bring another towel if you sweat easily. But above all, wear something you feel comfortable in

No, you do not need to bring a partner to Salsa dance classes.
Please do always sign up through the class schedule so that we have a good overview of the proportions in the class.

We always try to place everyone then. Of course it is super fun to bring someone along, from work, friends or neighbors etc.
After all, you may consider the first lesson a trial lesson, so you can always try.

Tip: Post it on Facebook that you’re going to dance at Salsa4Fun, and you’ll be surprised that people will want to join in socially….

You can always catch up in the same week as the course you are taking, if it is taught in the same week in the class schedule. This is completely free, just always give us a heads up so we can take into account the dance pairs and proportions in the class.

As a student, you can receive a discount for the course by showing your student ID card.

The amount of the discount varies by course, but is still easily between 10% and 25%!
This will be deducted immediately at the first lesson upon presentation of your student ID card.

Salsa dancing Amsterdam, will you also join the biggest: Salsa4Fun!

The duration of the learning process depends on several factors, including your level of experience, your commitment and regularity of lessons and the complexity of the dance movements. However, our instructors will guide you through the learning process and help you achieve your goals.

TIP: With any dance form, the very best and fastest way to learn it is to repeat every day the new steps you have learned. 1 or 2 times is enough per day. You don’t need a partner for this, it’s just about the loose steps and techniques.

Merengue comes from the Dominican Republic and has a very distinct and recognizable beat.
Salsa is a real sauce of various influences from Cuba Jazz Disco etc.