Salsa dancing is super healthy


Salsa dancing is super healthy
salsa dancing – In 2006 the National Center for Amateur Dance (LCA), asked TNO to investigate whether dancing has a positive effect on public health and the short answer is in capital letters YES!

Brief Summary:

Intensive salsa dancing is equivalent to a game of ankle tennis, or recreational soccer in terms of exertion for your body.
Salsa therefore ranked second out of all the dance forms that have been studied just after African dancing in terms of intensity.

Salsa as one of the more intense forms of dance has also been shown to have a beneficial effect on BMI and promote good circulation. As a result, people who dance i have significantly higher levels of healthy body weight compared to the general population. “Even relative to athletes, it appears that dance athletes score favorably”
Overweight still occurs in Dancing as well, but to a significantly lesser degree!

Dance Your Fit with Salsa!

Meeting the Fit standard is at a similar level among athletes and dance athletes. Dancers thus meet the government’s exercise standard to a markedly greater degree.

So since Salsa is one of the best dance forms to meet fitness standards, and it helps for good circulation of your body and health, it is the best way to enjoy salsa dancing through life.
And it’s a lot easier to keep up than in the gym or on the training field, with virtually no chance of injury

Rueda de casino – most intense form of Salsa!

Rueda is again a lot more intense than standard salsa, where you are also dancing a lot more in class!
Salsa4Fun has specialized in Rueda e for over 20 years, has as many as 400! combinations, 9 levels and a master class.
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Download the full TNO report here if you want to read more….

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