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Salsa Lessen van Salsa4fun in Club Mystique

Salsa1 starts from €85

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bachata lessons

Romantisch koppel met veel plezier in de Bachata les tijdens de cursus bij salsa4fun

Super popular

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rueda lessons

Een koppel in de Rueda les tijdens de cursus bij Salsa4Fun

take on the challenge

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Salsa Lessen van Salsa4fun in Club Mystique

highly effective

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Show koppel tijdens een salsafeest bij salsa4fun in club Mystique

just for ladies

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salsa lesson amsterdam - all benefits at a glance

learn salsa dancing quickly and efficiently

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Salsa is social, super fun, and also easy with lots of humor. Come and enjoy a complete course with friends, colleagues or family.

Of course you may consider the first lesson as a trial lesson as long as you sign up for the course via the class schedule.
Your first course at Salsa4Fun costs only €85,--.
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salsa4fun advantages

great value for money

  • Learn to dance quickly and efficiently
  • A personal atmosphere with humor and fun
  • Gratis naar salsa-café zolang de cursus loopt
  • Catch up on classes if possible
  • Teachers with international experience
  • 7 lesson levels, show team & master class
  • Heart of Amsterdam in the most beautiful Latin club in NL
  • Cocktail bar - air conditioners & wooden floor

workshops - salsa cafe and more....

book a workshop or come dance during salsa cafe

special bonus workshops

several times a year

In addition to our standard offerings of salsa class, bachata class, and rueda class, we also offer special workshops. One of them is the salsa musicality workshop.
But also special courses lady-styling and solo dancing for ladies are unique and super instructive to join.

Classes and dancing with fun!

nowhere do you learn so easily and with great humor

When you're having fun, everything gets easier!
That is why we are known for the fact that classes are always packed with dancing and humor, you always leave with a smile from ear to ear.


Stay informed

Come enjoy yourself regularly in the most beautiful and famous Latin club in the Netherlands. Whether you are a beginner, dance teacher or professional dancer, everyone knows where to find us. Even from abroad all salsa and bachata dancers come to us.

Salsa dansend stel tijdens de salsa les

specialized in rueda de casino

the ultimate form of salsa- guaranteed the best salsa experience

rueda = addictive

everything in the superlative

In this form of Salsa, you will learn the most insanely fun combinations, techniques, and jokes in a circle.

It's just salsa where you learn the combinations in a very dynamic way. We always show you how you can dance all combinations in pairs and combine them with for example LA style.

With Salsa4Fun we have a lot of contacts abroad with other Rueda schools and colleague teachers. Together with them we regularly exchange combinations and new techniques for a still-growing number of amazing combinations.

Try a trial class and you will see for yourself! You won't be able to stop.
Rueda at Salsa4Fun is unique and incomparable.
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salsa4fun Rueda advantages

great value for money

Koppel dat Rueda danst in Club Mystique tijdens de salsa4fun cursus
  • Ultimate form of salsa
  • All combinations combine with any salsa style
  • guaranteed the most fun and dancing hours
  • Over 400 amazing combinations
  • no less than 9 levels
  • Super energy and lots of laughter

give a course or private lesson as a gift

a true tropical surprise

Our salsa4fun gift card

exclusive and festive

  • Determine the amount you give
  • Please mention and personal message
  • Original and surprising
  • Easily print out to give
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