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Discover the Passion and Fun of Salsa Summer Courses Amsterdam

salsa summer courses Amsterdam. Are you looking for a great way to brighten up your summer? Look no further! At Salsa4Fun we offer special summer courses where you can enjoy the exhilarating rhythms of salsa, Rueda de casino and bachata. Whether you are an absolute beginner or already have some dance experience, our summer courses are the perfect opportunity to take your dance skills to the next level. You learn to dance very quickly with lots of individual attention, humor and sociability. There are special offers, so visit the class schedule soon to secure your spot.

Salsa, Rueda de Casino and Bachata: The Perfect Dance Combination

At Salsa4Fun, we understand that everyone has different dance preferences. This is why we offer not only salsa courses, but also Rueda de casino and bachata. Whether you love salsa, the lively and dynamic Rueda de casino, or the sensual and romantic bachata, we have something for everyone this summer. Start your salsa adventure now, or stream in if you’ve had lessons with Amsterdam’s #1 salsa company before.

Become a Salsa Expert with Our Summer Courses

Our summer courses are designed to quickly improve your dance skills and make you shine on the dance floor. Whether you are a beginner who has never danced before, or an advanced dancer who wants to refine his or her technique, our experienced instructors are ready to guide you on your dance journey, and of course we will make sure you go home with a big smile!

Special Workshops and Unparalleled Conviviality

In addition to our usual summer courses, we also offer special workshops to further enrich your dance experience. These workshops cover different aspects of salsa, rueda de casino and bachata, offering you the chance to learn new moves and techniques. Best of all, they are taught with the familiar humor and sociability that Salsa4Fun is known for. You will not only gain new dance skills, but also enjoy a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Easily Accessible Location and Free Parking

At Salsa4Fun, we want you to be able to concentrate fully on the joy of dancing. Therefore, we have made sure that our location in Amsterdam is easily accessible by public transportation. No hassle with long travel times or parking problems! And for those coming by car, we offer free parking right out front. So you can enjoy your dance lessons without any worries.

Salsa4Fun: The Number 1 of Amsterdam

We are proud to say that Salsa4Fun is the number one dance school in Amsterdam. Our passionate instructors, extensive course offerings and unparalleled friendliness have made us a fixture in the hearts of dance enthusiasts. Don’t wait any longer and join our summer courses to become part of our vibrant dance community.

What special workshops are you interested in?

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